Memory foam was a technology originally developed by NASA to reduce the forces of space travel and launches during long space missions. Now we can all benefit from this fantastic technology by giving us superb comfort and the best nights sleep ever. Memory foam responds to your body temperature moulding to your individual body shape and providing the right comfort and support that you need.

Another advantage of a memory foam mattress is that there are no springs to be broken! Hence there is no reason why you could not have a mattress for life. A word of caution though… there are many cheap memory foam mattresses that are being sold on the market that are of a low density and inferior quality. At Furniture Kraze, all our mattresses are made from high density memory foam.

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    Madrid Memory Foam Mattress

    Madrid Memory Who said you cannot experience ...
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    Memory Comfort Mattress

    The new Memory Comfort provides superb ...
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    The Sapphire is a super value ...

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