People that prefer a firmer sleeping surface usually go for an orthopaedic mattress. The 12.5 gauge spring is sturdier and more durable than a non-orthopaedic spring. Furniture Kraze offers a number of different orthopaedic mattresses that vary in style and price.

A sturdy 12.5 gauge spring that is topped with a polypad and layers of filling. There is a relationship between the amount of filling in a mattress, its depth and price. Generally, the better quality mattresses boast more depth. Please note that there are many different types of orthopaedic mattresses which range from medium-firm, firm, very firm. Do check in the description at the firmness rating of the orthopaedic mattress that you buy.

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    Flexopaedic Extra Firm Bed

    • Orthopaedic spring unit • A truly ...
  • Memory Ortho Divan Bed

    The Memory Orthopaedic bed is not only ...
  • Categories : Beds, Divan beds, Orthopaedic

    Opal Orthopaedic Bed

    The Opal bed is well upholstered ...
  • Categories : Beds, Divan beds, Orthopaedic

    Paris Orthopaedic Bed

    The Paris is a medium feel ...
  • Categories : Beds, Divan beds, Orthopaedic

    Premium Gold Orthopaedic Bed

    The Premium Gold bed is a lofty ...
  • Sapphire Memory Orthopaedic Bed

    The Sapphire is a super value ...

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