This mattress is for those that are on a budget who do not wish to spend a great deal on a mattress. This may be for a number of reasons. The mattress could be for the spare room and unlikely to be used as often as a regular mattress. It might be for a young child or an adult who is light in weight. Landlords also, tend to go for this mattress to furnish their tenants’ homes as they are cheap to buy and are usually replaced at the end of a tenancy.

Made from a 13.5 gauge non-orthopaedic spring covered with a poly pad an some filling. The cover of the mattress is often stitchbond but at Furniture Kraze we prefer to use damask material even for the cheaper mattresses as this not only looks more attractive but extends the life of the mattress. The depth of the mattress is around 7 inches.

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