A pocket sprung mattress is made from individually nested spring pockets as opposed to a singe spring. The spring count in a mattress is based on the number of springs present in a 5ft king size, so you have to bear in mind that a double mattress will have less springs and a 6ft superking will have significantly more.

Pocket sprung mattresses are designed to provide flexibility and support according to your individual body weight. So, if you sleep with a partner that is a lot heavier than you, a pocket sprung mattress will minimise the roll effect. Pocket sprung mattresses are towards the top end of the market and the number of spring pockets can be varied from around 600 all the way up to 3000 or more but we would suggest starting at 1000 at least, to get the benefit of the pocket springs! A higher spring count generally feels firmer than a lower spring count. Again, as with an orthopaedic mattress the option to top the pocket sprung mattress with a layer of memory foam is available which provides a softer more luxurious surface for your mattress. At Furniture Kraze we offer a range of Pocket Sprung mattresses at very competitive prices.

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